Shaving Kit


Pre-Shave Oil + Shaving Foam + After Shave Balm

To get the best result for your hair – you use shampoo, hair mask and conditioner, right? The same goes for our 3-step shaving; using all 3 products gives you the most silky smooth shave, free from red bumps and ingrown hair.

Fresh Coconut
- A sweet yet tropical blend of creamy coconut

Products in kit

Pre-Shave Oil

Shaving Foam

Shaving Foam
Sold out

After Shave Balm

The perfect shave without ingrown hair

Step 1: Pre-Shave Oil

Creates a protective layer against the razor

Step 2: Shaving Foam

Creamy intimate shaving foam for optimal shaving glide

Step 3: After-Shave Balm

Anti-inflamatory balm specially developed to prevent ingrown hair

Dr. Hedieh Asadi
Dr. Hedieh Asadi
Dr. Hedieh Asadi
Dr. Hedieh Asadi Dr. Hedieh Asadi
Co-founder DeoDoc

    Doctor's Shaving Tips

  • 1. Use a new razor

    The newer razor the better shave. Make sure to change the razor often.

  • 2. Use a men's razor

    Men's razors generelly have more and sharper blades.

  • 3. Shave with the grain

    If necessary, finish off shaving against the grain.

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