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Intimate Odor

Worried about odor in your intimate area? Well you’re in luck! Here’s your full medical guide with tips on all things odor, including discharge, sweat, and urine.

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Vulva vs Vagina

It’s incredible how little we know about our own vulvas and vaginas. It’s time to dispel these misconceptions.

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Most women know menopause as a time when our periods finally stop but know very little about the symptoms and side effects! Let’s talk about it with our doctors!

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The vulva has a delicate pH ecosystem that should not be disrupted to avoid irritation and discomfort. Learn about pH levels and intimate care from our doctors!

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Menstruation, or more commonly known as a period, is the monthly shedding of blood and uterine lining via the vagina. Here you can learn more about what is happening in your body during the four phases of the menstrual cycle.

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We receive many questions from our patients and community and want to share our medical expertise with women everywhere.

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